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25 September 2011 @ 12:27 pm
Wily Writers is awesome  
It's NZ Specfic blogging week (ending today). It has inspired me to write a quick plug for the Wily Writers website, which is packed with excellent short stories available for free in text and podcast formats. Many of the stories are by NZ authors!

Here's some of the kiwi flava tales:

“The Derby” by Ripley Patton - http://www.wilywriters.com/blog/?p=141
“The Salt Line” by Grant Stone - http://www.wilywriters.com/blog/?p=1015
“The Tunnel” by Matt Cowens - http://www.wilywriters.com/blog/?p=1631
“Upon a Star” by Debbie Cowens - http://www.wilywriters.com/blog/?p=2218
“Crucible” by Dan Rabarts - http://www.wilywriters.com/blog/?p=2268

Check them out. They're well worth your time :-)