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30 November 2009 @ 10:07 am
Quick fiction  
My year 9 class are writing disaster stories at the moment. I decided to write one too. It ended up being more or less a spin-off of The Event.

What next? - Monster Attack

Sam’s leg was on fire. Heat crept up through the bone beneath her knee, up into her thigh. She knew she should move, should put it out, but she was paralysed with fear. Above her the creature was destroying the city.

The basement was dark with only a few beams of sunlight filtering through the dust as the walls and floor shook. The electricity had gone out when the creature had reached the city centre, its clumsy, scaly limbs smashing through power lines and blowing a substation. Sam had been listening to the radio on her phone at the time, and heard the terrified screams of the DJ as the creature crushed their building. After that she turned her phone off, went and found her cat, and hid in the basement. She didn’t want to see the creature in person. Watching the TV news report of it striding out of the water and crashing into Te Papa had been scary enough.

Her house was on the edge of central Wellington, close enough to the city to shake but, she prayed, far enough from the monster to survive. She rolled over and looked at her leg. An old 14 inch television had fallen from a shelf and cracked into her shin. There was a spot of blood seeping through the fabric of her jeans. The heat and pain probably meant the bone was broken. She’d never had a broken bone before.

The floor shook again, harder than before. Sam couldn’t stop herself from gasping in surprise. She dragged herself away from the small window next to the stairs, sure the glass was about to shatter. Overhead she heard the whine of high speed aircraft passing over, the distant thunder of explosions.

As she crawled her phone fell out of her pocket. Glancing down she saw that she had a message. She propped herself up on her elbows and grabbed the phone, surprised that the network was still working in amongst the chaos of the attack.

It was a message from her mother. There were no words, just a picture hurriedly snapped by her phone. A picture of the monster, enormous jaws and long, powerful limbs, coming straight toward the camera. Sam dialled her mother desperately, her fingers shaking as she stabbed at the buttons on her phone.

There was no answer…